Aware of the urgency to preserve the ocean, the Kresk Development Group and its cosmetic brands (SVR, Lazartigue and FILLMED), a sailing enthusiast, initiated in June 2021 the KRESK 4 OCEANS endowment fund to ensure that the Ocean remains the most beautiful place on Earth.

At the same time, the group acquired the Ultim trimaran in the colors of the three brands and KRESK 4 OCEANS skippered by the committed sailor, François Gabart, who became the natural ambassador for the messages of the endowment fund.

Discover the first activity report 2021/2022 of Kresk 4 Oceans.

Origin of the endowment fund 

« The meeting with François Gabart was a natural one, and we quickly established a partnership with two very concrete actions. The first is the purchase of the new 'Ultim' trimaran built by François' ocean racing team, MerConcept. The second is the creation of a KRESK 4 OCEANS endowment fund, which is closely linked since François' trimaran will carry the colors of the KRESK group during the upcoming races.

Between the races, the boat will be on a 'mission', criss-crossing the seas to meet the public and raise awareness of environmental issues. »


Director of the Ocean Program at IDDRI - legal and technical assistance to international, regional and national organizations in the field of the law of the sea, ocean governance and international marine environmental law.

Julien rochette

Oceanographer - Marine environment consultant - Transfer of contaminants and characterization of microplastics at CNRS

Mélanie ourgaud

Founder and Honorary President of the French Maritime Clusters - Honorary President of the French Institute of the Sea - Honorary President and co-founder of the European Network of Maritime Clusters - Académie de Marine, Captain of the Reserve Navy (rc), Commander of the Legion of Honor and of Maritime Merit, Officer of the National Merit

Francis Vallat

Research Director at INRAE (National Research Institute for Agriculture, Food and the Environment) Expert in trans-disciplinary sciences of packaging, polymers and food.

Nathalie gontard

Emeritus research director of the CNRS Biologist, specialist in deep ocean ecosystems. Vice-president 'Science' of the Ocean and Climate platform

Françoise gaill

Managing Director

Marie Pfister


Xavier henry


Alexandre foulon

Our Team

The KRESK group brings together beauty brands (SVR, Lazartigue, Fillmed) driven by the desire to take care of people and the living world.

To achieve its objectives, the KRESK group has drawn up an ambitious roadmap that is applied specifically to each of the brands. It is a driving force for development, by encouraging the pleasure of its customers to use eco-designed products and of its employees to contribute to a meaningful collective project, and the esteem and desire of its stakeholders to accompany it on this path

The 3 areas of CSR commitments are as follows:
• Propose a responsible offer: strengthen the eco-design of products, with a focus on their impact on marine ecosystems.
• Promoting responsible beauty: developing a partnership approach with its key stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, associations, NGOs, etc.) 

" The partnership with François Gabart is the logical continuation of a CSR policy adopted several years ago. When we purchased the SVR skin care brand in 2015, we decided to accelerate our environmental initiatives, which include formulating products without controversial ingredients: in 2021, for example, we launched a line of sunglasses containing eco-friendly filters that are non-toxic for the environment, and particularly for the oceans. "


Kresk, brands committed to the ocean

Fillmed, a story of self-confidence 

Beauty is not a question of age. It's a question of self-confidence, of feeling good about yourself and your age. Pioneers in aesthetic medicine, FILLMED Laboratories have been helping aesthetic practitioners for over 40 years to meet their patients' beauty expectations: to look rested, relaxed, fresher.

Lazartigue, green and clean hair care

Since its creation 55 years ago, Lazartigue has been committed to naturalness and respect for the environment. Jean-François Lazartigue, a visionary hairdresser and colorist, integrated botanical active ingredients into his products very early on, because he was convinced that nature had the power to sublimate all hair types. 40 years later, Lazartigue is still true to this vision and offers expert, cleansing, vegan and sensory hair care products to meet all the needs of the hair and scalp.

Today, Lazartigue products are silicone-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, artificial coloring-free and up to 97% natural. The packaging is recycled and recyclable and is made in France.

Since 2017, SVR is the first cosmetic brand to commit to the fight against endocrine disruptors.

In 2021, it launched a line of suncare products containing eco-friendly filters that are non-toxic for the oceans and developed eco-refills that reduce the plastic used for its major products by 70%. 

SVR is the first cosmetic brand to commit to the fight against endocrine disruptors, since it is intended for fragile skin: babies, children, teenagers, pregnant women, etc. Its ultra-strict formulation charter excludes them as well as allergens, PEGs and all ingredients that are harmful to health and the planet. In 2021, it has also launched a line of suncare products containing eco-friendly filters that are non-toxic for the oceans.

In addition to the formulas, the absolute urgency concerns plastic packaging. SVR is in full transition on its packaging: bottles containing 25% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable, 100% recyclable tubes,. It has also developed eco-refills to reduce by 70% the plastic used for its major references and since June 2022 it markets its best-seller, the 1L washing oil, in a pack made of 100% plastic waste from the oceans collected by the Waste Free Oceans foundation.