Kresk 4 Oceans creates the educational platform La Course Bleue

A digital educational platform, created in partnership with the Fondation de la Mer and with the support of the French Ministry of Education, to help students in cycles 2 and 3 (CP-6ème) discover the challenges of protecting the ocean by following the Route du Rhum 2022 with François Gabart.


The project

Before taking action, every actor needs to know what is at stake and to understand the meaning and impact of what they are doing. It is important today to raise awareness among future generations about the challenges of marine pollution, as well as the key role they can play, both collectively and individually, to meet the challenge of a clean ocean together. 

The implementation of awareness actions that are fun and do not make people feel guilty about the link between pollution on land and the consequences at sea will help mobilize as many people as possible around the protection of the Ocean.

Content of the program

The Blue Race is an activity to be carried out during the school year, between the beginning of the school year 2022 and the month of June 2023.

it has been conceived in three parts:
• Before the race
• During the race
• After the race

The eighteen sheets are part of a pedagogical continuity and punctuate the year with challenges and high points.

This program allows the students to follow a professional skipper who is committed to the protection of the environment and to create a link with him or her, by watching videos made to measure for the students, as well as challenges to be carried out.