Call for projects Pure Ocean

KRESK 4 OCEANS and Pure Ocean are convinced that scientists hold the key to finding sustainable and relevant solutions to preserve the ocean. Within the framework of the 4th international call for projects launched by Pure Ocean, KRESK 4 OCEANS encourages project leaders to present their solutions on the theme of plastic pollution.


The objectives of the project

The objective of the support of KRESK 4 OCEANS to Pure Ocean is to raise the awareness of the general public to the challenges of marine biodiversity with a particular focus on plastic pollution.

As part of the announcement of the partnership in Saint Malo, within the village of the Route du Rhum 2022, an animation "Science to fight against plastic pollution" was organized on the SVR-Lazartigue stand.

A conference for the general public in which our ambassador François Gabart took part alongside Thomas de Williencourt, director of Pure Ocean, and Alexandre Foulon, director of KRESK.